Subconscious and parenting.

During my work as a nanny/parenting coach. I have learned a lot about positive parenting and applying the law of assumption and using affirmations for children.

Naturally, parents want to do everything right, so they invest in reading about nutrition and developing goals, which is a good thing. However, they tend to forget that it is extremely important to be aware of how the subconscious mind works, and that a baby lives and sees the world from the subconscious. In fact, at the moment of conception, you will be setting the fundamentals for your child's life.

The Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind  

The conscious mind is 10 percent of our total brain function. That means that the subconscious, or unintentional aspect of your mind, represents around 90 percent of our total brain function. Your subconscious is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviors, and actions. 

During the nine months in the abdomen, the body of the child is formed, as well as their psychological blueprint. The tone of their psychology is set by the experiences in the womb. The prenatal period is the foundation for postnatal life. The way in which the conception proceeds has an influence, as do the impressions the mother gains during pregnancy. The fetus bathes in its amniotic fluid that smells of happiness, confidence, irritation, or worry. Science journalist Annie Paul Murphy explains it beautifully; The mother, as it were, sends postcards from her (= the) world to the fetus, who prepares herself for the life that awaits him.

Many memories are present unconsciously and are stored in our subconscious mind. But the consciousness (from conception) is present, and the memory is stored in your cells. This means that every experience that a pregnant mother goes through is shared by her unborn child and influences its development.

This means that: how the baby comes into the world dependent upon us. How do you deal with fear and conflicts, how is your self-talk and your inner conversations are they negative or positive? Your way of consciously dealing with what life offers you, and your contact with the baby, is the best preparation for this world that you can offer him/her. When you experience or feel something, talk about it with your child, make the bond now. Research shows that making contact with your baby has a positive effect on your child's attachment, feeling of security, and peace.

The subconscious mind creates everything. This is positive news because when you have children and you want them to learn a new skill, or how to deal with their fear; you can. And you can learn them through affirmations (new thoughts) which will impress the subconscious mind.

Now I will give two short examples of how you can apply the law when you are pregnant or when you have just had a baby.


When you are pregnant it is important to begin bonding with your child. You can start your morning by being in silence for five minutes and affirming. Remember, your thoughts will affect your baby's subconscious mind, so when you affirm it will have a positive effect on your baby. Affirm; ‘’I AM happy or/and my baby is happy.’’  Even when you have a 'fear' thought, you can easily flip it because you are persisting the positive thought. And please know, even when you have a moment of fear it is not that it will harm your baby. To practice the positive thoughts, to dwell in the positivity it will affect you, and your baby, and even your environment in a positive way. Because it starts from within and not without-- which means if you are Happy, your reality will confirm in your state.

Take a moment in the afternoon to repeat the same. When you go to sleep, repeat the affirmation or visualize yourself in your bed with your baby in your arms, see your baby being happy and smiling.

Do this at least three times per day( at least 5 minutes) for a month, especially when you go to sleep, fall asleep with it, it will impress your subconscious mind and it will manifest. It will be your new state, and soon you don't even have to affirm any longer because it is YOU (state)-- what makes your dominant thoughts--, the state of happiness. It will be your assumption. ‘’I am happy and my baby is happy.’’ That will be in your reality!

Example 2:

About 2 months ago a parent that I worked with, gave my number to a parent with a baby that is 1,5 years old he was not sleeping through the night, and the mother did not know what to do any longer. I spoke with the mother, and she was skeptical because she tried everything. I suggested that she try this just for two weeks even if she does not believe in it.

I told the mother to give her baby a routine, to do the same thing every day. Read a positive book, give the baby a massage, and during the massage to repeat in her head; ‘’My baby is relaxed and sleeps amazing.’’ When she put the baby to bed, she did the same. Not even 24 hours later she told me that he slept the entire night! A week later he had only cried two times and briefly. Now two months later, he is much more relaxed, and he is sleeping through the night. She had told me that he was not eating very well, so she did the same thing by giving him food, and repeating in her head, ‘’my baby is eating well, he loves food.’’ And now he does! She totally changed how she views her child, she embodied it as her STATE that her child is relaxed and eating well.

With these examples, you can apply this to your own. I assume it will help you and your family.

All of information above are from different articles on the Internet. The examples are from real situations.

With love,

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