A little introduction

My name is Roberta, (one of the) founder of Crème de la Crème and Holy Moly, Crème de la Crème is a platform for parents, we work most for (international) exclusive families. Holy Moly is created for children and families to learn and teach about how you can create anything you want in life through affirmations (and the law of assumptions).
But who am I? I am born in Brazil and I have been adopted, with my biological brother and sister, by a Dutch couple (who were perfectly able to have children of their own but deliberately chose to adopt!) and I have been raised in the Netherlands. I do not yet have children but I wish to become a mother one day and to adopt as well. For many years I have worked as a sitter/childminder and educational coach for wealthy families and Dutch celebrities. As a result of this, I have a lot of experience and I know very well how important it is that a nanny and a family are a ‘perfect match'' and I can say I know all about positive parenting and applying the law of assumptions and using affirmations. 
Through this blog, I wanna share everything about positive raising. I assume it will help you, your children, anyone you know with children. 

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